While at this time of year we see a good deal of generosity being displayed, it's still a cause for celebration when a local worthy organization receives a couple of very large donations in one day.

Two big cheques were presented yesterday to the Family Place.

Executive Director with the Family Place, Dawn Gutzke, and Assistant Executive Director Judy Lumb, met up with Kingston Midstream at the new location at 744 McLelland Street to receive a cheque for $60,000.

"Kingston Midstream donated $60,000 towards the support of our new expansion," Gutzke explained. "So we sent out our first few applications looking for sponsorship here, ending in 2022, and the response has been very well-received. So we're very thankful and feel very blessed for the support we're receiving. 60,000 from midstream is huge, they are a gold sponsor."

In the afternoon, staff from Vermillion Energy to made a presentation at the Family Place's current location.

"We've just received $10,000 from Vermillion to go towards the expansion, and Vermillion also gave another $10,000 to go towards our Mini Go program to finish off our 2023 school season. So lots of great things happening down here at the Family Place. We're very lucky."

mmVermillion Energy yesterday presented the Family Place with $20,000 (photo by Marna McManus)

Shane Pollock, the Area Superintendent for Saskatchewan for Vermillion Energy, said, "We're very fortunate to be able to help out the Family Place, because, I mean, they do do a lot for the community and surrounding area."

Vermillion Energy has agreed to donate $10,000 a year as a title sponsor for the greenspace at the new location.

"That's going to be the Vermillion green space, so along with the the donation and the funding, we'll also be able to volunteer time with our staff as we're building it, maintaining it that type of thing throughout years as well too."

The Family Place will relocate to their new location in June of 2023.