It was a big year for the Weyburn Wor-Kin Shop.

Jeff Richards, Executive Director with the Weyburn Wor-Kin Shop, said that they continue to grow, which is very exciting, and "...we've added a lot of features to what we do."

He said that they have really grown their employment program this year, which is something that they take a lot of pride in.

"We held our first ever Pallets and Pies event this year. It's a bit of a customer and employer appreciation event - invitation only. We'll do this again next year, we had folks from all over the community come into our facility and have lunch with us. Kind of a tailgate meeting, where they see what happens on the floor, and that was very exciting." 

Richards said that beyond that, they did and continue to do a lot of training with their staff.

"We got folks learning new things, learning cutting edge stuff in our industry, supporting folks with disabilities. So, we're very proud of that. It's always busy at the Wor-Kin shop, and we're always grateful when folks support us."

He said that their Sarcan Depot "crested 8,000,000 drinking containers in one year, so that's huge."

He added that they are a growing industry and, "we're proud of that, happy to provide all the jobs that we provide in the community for all kinds of folks, and happy to be a part of the community."