It is a little later in the season than most years, but there is a moderate chance of a severe thunderstorm in the Weyburn area for this afternoon and evening. The latest outlook from Environment and Climate Change Canada shows a line that goes from Saskatoon right down through to Weyburn and the U.S. border. 

“We’re a little late to the party with it, I think, because spring has been late,” explained Terri Lang, a meteorologist with Environment Canada. “I think that's why we haven’t seen those severe thunderstorms quite yet so far this season.” 

The day started out cloudy in Weyburn, but then the skies cleared out just before noon. This could have many thinking the outlook is wrong, or that the potential storms are going to miss us. 

That’s not quite the case, Lang added. 

“We are expecting the showers and thundershowers to redevelop, and because the atmosphere is unstable enough there is the possibility these thundershowers could become severe,” she said.” 

Weyburn and area are coming off the wettest May since 2012, with more than 112 millimetres of precipitation, which delayed spring seeding for many producers. So far, there has been no measurable precipitation in Weyburn in the month of June, which has allowed farmers to get out into the fields to plant the 2022 crop.