A low-pressure system moving through Saskatchewan from Alberta could lead to severe thunderstorms as the day goes on.  

In their Thunderstorm Outlook, Environment and Climate Change Canada says the system will first affect the west-central part of the province, before the risk of a thunderstorm moves into the central and southern parts of the province, including Weyburn.  

The risk is classified as high for severe thunderstorms in the area. The primary concerns listed in the thunderstorm outlook are 3-6 centimetre hail, wind gusts up to 110 km/h and the possibility of a few tornadoes.  

The unstable system will remain, bringing the possibility of overnight thunderstorms as well. Those storms will likely bring the threats of heavy rain, severe winds and hail.  

The system will start to move into Manitoba tomorrow, bringing about high temperatures and muggy conditions for Weyburn and area. 

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