The Weyburn Credit Union will host its annual Community Barbecue tomorrow from 5:00 to 9:30 p.m., which will feature food, games, bounce houses, and a free Brayden King concert. However, due to Environment Canada's forecast calling for showers throughout the day into the evening and overnight, the event will be moved to the Weyburn Agricultural Society's Exhibition Hall, also known as the Curling Rink. As per the original article published on May 29th, the event was supposed to take place on the street in front of the Credit Union.

Either way, with the last day of school being today, WCU's Marketing Coordinator Jasmine Kravanya said this event is a great way to kick off summer break.

"From 5:00 to 7:00, we're going to have our barbecue, and you can grab a hot dog or a burger, drink, and chips for only five dollars," she shared. "During that time, we'll also have bounce houses, games, tattoos, and lots of Fat Cat fun. Of course, there's going to be some free donuts that are going to be getting tossed around for our awesome community."

She said the donuts, from Prairie Sky Coop, will be served just before Brayden King takes the stage for his first set at 7:00 p.m.

Then, around 7:45 they'll gear into the Community Fund Grant presentations, when the WCU will give a total of $64,500 back to the community organizations. 

For Kravanya, that's the best part of the whole event.

"It's probably one of the most rewarding sides, so Weyburn Credit Union gives back about 1 percent of our profits to the Community Fund," she explained. "People then can apply and we have a committee that goes through and looks at all the applications and kind of decides, and I know it is not an easy decision for them because there are quite a few. I think we received maybe around 27 or so this year, and it really does make a big difference for these organizations."

"Last year I got to hand out the cheques and it really gives you the warm and fuzzies knowing that you're a part of something bigger and that's something we say a lot around here. We're not just a 'bank'. We are your financial partner. We're your friends. We're your neighbours. We are your community. So we are really proud that we're able to do things like that and pour back into our community."

Brayden King will play his second set following the presentations, closing out the event.

"We would just love to welcome everyone from our community, everyone from Weyburn and the surrounding area to come out, and have a great time," Kravanya invited. "We're really holding this for the entire community and you do not have to be a financial partner with us or anything. We're just having a blast with our community. We had so much fun, I wish it would have never ended last year. There are so many people that you haven't seen, like your neighbors and old coworkers that you're kind of bumping into, and it's just so fun to connect with everyone, and while doing it, get some good food and listen to some great music. It's something really neat to experience."

She noted they are working on streamlining things so they can more easily serve as many people as last year, which was upwards of a thousand - and that's just counting those who wanted food.

Find the event on Facebook HERE.