From the rapping granny to the Billy Idol airplane scene, those who loved the movie are sure to enjoy the musical version of, 'The Wedding Singer'.

The performances will run from May 23rd, 24th, 25th, and 28th at Cugnet Centre.

Weyburn Comprehensive School Band Teacher Brayden Jensen said they have a double cast for this senior musical.

"So, depending on which performance you come to, you get to see a totally different cast."

He said the students are working hard, rehearsing three days each week.

"It's coming together really well," Jensen shared. "As we get into May, it'll be weekend dress rehearsals, and nearly every day of the week. So that's the dedication from the kids."

He said they've also got a live pit band rehearsing for the show.

The many quick scene changes required have presented a unique set of challenges, but they do have help with props and costumes from an entire team of people at the school.

"As far as choreography goes, there are lots of challenges," he noted.

"We've got the rapping granny scene and we've got numbers with the full cast and small numbers with some more personal duets."

Jensen added he was surprised how few of the students had not seen the original motion picture upon which the musical is based.

"The musical is quite different than the movie. The plot line is the same, but the music is all original for the musical," he explained. "The kids are having a blast, I think, and it is a comedy, so they're having lots of fun with it."

Tickets can be purchased at the WCS office. Admission for adults is $25, and $15 for seniors and students.