Weyburn's Mike Prochinsky is offering to help out his community by installing Christmas lights, and he'll only take payment from those who can afford it.

For the third year in a row, Prochinsky is aiming to assist in high places.

"I put up Christmas lights for people that may not have the time, may be scared of heights, or may be physically incapable of doing it themselves," he explained. "The main part of it is that it's for people who maybe cannot do it themselves and also cannot afford it, is more the highlight of it. I'm almost looking for that, more than people who are willing to pay."

Prochinsky said this isn't a money-making endeavour. In fact, he's hoping it will help out some financially, as a service of kindness for the upcoming Christmas season. That said, he will charge those who can afford it.

"If it's just that they're busy, or they have restrictions of some kind, but if someone cannot afford it, and also has restrictions, it would absolutely be done at no cost."

He said this world can become dark at times in many different ways, and we all need more light.

"If there's a chance to help brighten someone's day, I think we should take it," he noted. "The spirit of Christmas is giving and kindness, right? So I think it's important that people embody that spirit, in any way they can, when the possibility presents itself."

Prochinsky said so far he has two lighting projects lined up and they're both at no cost. 

"Last year I did I think it was seven or eight different houses. There were a few at no cost as well, and the first year I can't remember, but I think it was six or six or seven different houses, for a variety of reasons," he shared. "Some people don't have the time or they're elderly or they might be scared of heights. They might be physically unable to do it. A lot of people can't climb up a ladder."

"Especially if they have kids, that shouldn't limit their enjoyment of the holidays."

"It's as much a gift to me as it is to is it is to other people. I mean, that's kind of what giving is. That's the whole point of the holidays." 

He added anyone who wants help with their Christmas lights can call 306-861-3432.