UPDATE: Environment Canada ended the tornado watch for Weyburn and the surrounding area shortly before 3:30 p.m.


Weyburn and the surrounding area are under a tornado watch issued by Environment Canada. A tornado watch is issued when conditions are favourable to the development of thunderstorms that could produce tornadoes. 

Environment Canada has advised that it is possible for funnel clouds and brief, weak tornadoes to develop in the region. The type of tornadoes possible are called landspout tornadoes, and form while the thunderstorm cloud is still growing, and there is no rotating updraft. These tornadoes can be strong enough to topple trees, damage roofs, or toss debris short distances. 

If a tornado warning is issued, Environment Canada advises people to get indoors to a room on the lowest floor, away from outside walls and windows. This could be a basement, bathroom, stairwell or interior closet. Those in mobile homes, vehicles, tents, trailers, or temporary or free-standing shelters are urged to get to a strong building if possible. 

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