An impressive couple of feet of heavy, wet snow created quite a challenge for many drivers late last week all around the Weyburn area. Thursday, Friday and into the weekend were busy days for the Top Notch Towing trucks. 

"It was exceptionally busy. It's been a long time since I can remember this much snow in the streets in this kind of shape. Every street in in terrible shape, so it was definitely a higher call volume for sure," shared Top Notch Owner Ryan Williams.

"I think it just maybe caught people off guard to the amount of snow that there was. Anytime anybody is stranded, it's kind of a frantic situation, so we try to get to them as as quickly as we can," he noted. "I have to say thank you to our customers for being patient as we worked through those last few days, simply because it was so busy. But we got to everybody and everybody got looked after and that's all that matters." 

Williams said he felt the residents of Weyburn and area came together and helped everybody out where they could. 

"I thought everybody did a really good job of, you know, trying to keep everybody moving."

He also took the opportunity to add, "hats off to the City of Weyburn for moving the amount of snow that they did in the short amount of time." 

"This whole thing was a situation of bad timing right before the long weekend, but it came along pretty well. There's some streets that still aren't great, but I mean really considering things look pretty good. And it's warm out. If the snow is melting, the water is running, what more can we ask for?"

He added that the storm, "did kind of bring the southeast to its knees a little bit, and like I said, a lot of people came together to make this work in a short amount of time and everybody was really patient." 

Williams said everybody did what they had to do to get through it together.

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