Agriculture Minister David Marit is leading a trade mission this week to Mexico.

He says its important for us to get out and tell our sustainability story across the globe, especially in key jurisdictions like Mexico who is our fourth largest trading partner,.

"As we work to keep Saskatchewan's economy strong, it's important to prioritize important markets and the relationships we have with them. We look forward to using this mission to grow our network, increase collaboration and explore new ventures that benefit both parties."

Marit says the biggest thing they'll be talking about while they are there is the whole story around our sustainability in agriculture.

"Our continuous cropping, crop rotations, zero till, minimum till, this is a story they really want to talk about and they want to hear. That's the message we will be giving. We'll be meeting with other groups down there as well. Whether it's into the mining and that side of it as well, we will be meeting with those folks too. But the livestock sector, the ag sector will be the biggest groups that we will be meeting with."

In 2022, Mexico accounted for $1 billion in trade making it the provinces fourth largest trading partner with agri-food exports accounting for 97 per cent of all exports.

Some of the key products Saskatchewan is moving into Mexico includes wheat, oats, canola, canola meal and canola oil. 

Marit says they see a lot of opportunity around that, and that's a key focus of their meetings this week, as well as the livestock sector.

Mexico sends a huge delegation to Canadian Western Agribition on a regular basis, as they like the Canadian  genetics they find from the purebred breeders here.

Members of Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership (STEP) are also taking part in the trip and will attend the Food Tech Summit and Expo in Mexico City. 

The Food Tech Summit is a gathering of over 20,000 buyers, investors, and experts in the agri-foods industry. 

STEP and the rest of the delegation will be hosting a booth and attending various events to position Saskatchewan as the destination of choice for agri-foods innovation and investment.