The Weyburn Police Service was kept busy with 81 calls for service last week. Out of those calls, they had to lay a total of 12 charges, with the majority being traffic-related – 11 of those charges were under the Traffic Safety Act.

On Monday, they were called to a building that had been hit by a car that took off afterwards. But the police were quick on their feet and found the vehicle, charging the driver with unsafe backing and failing to report the collision. On Sunday evening, they pulled over a driver who was under the influence, and their license was suspended for three days and their car was impounded for the same amount of time. Other traffic charges included speeding, disobeying traffic signals, driving without a license, and not wearing a seatbelt.

The police also attended a few disturbance calls during the week. They helped a taxi driver deal with an unruly passenger, mediated a dispute between two men, and assisted with an individual causing a disturbance at a health facility. All of these incidents were resolved peacefully.

There were also some reported thefts. The WPS reported that a business was broken into, and an amount of copper wire was stolen. The police are still investigating the matter. In another incident, an individual filled their vehicle with gas and drove off without paying, known as a "gas-and-dash." The police are also looking into this matter.

Police remind motorists to follow traffic laws and drive safely. Police are also asking the public for any assistance that could be provided regarding the reported thefts.