A simple traffic stop triggered by a hit on an automated license plate reader resulted in an arrest last Wednesday.  

The incident came about when an officer with the Weyburn Police Service received a hit on his ALPR during a patrol. The information came back that the vehicle was registered to a driver who was subject to a province-wide driver’s license suspension due to previous charges for impaired driving.  

The officer initiated the traffic stop, but that was when things went from bad to worse for the driver.  

“Indication from the driver was that he didn’t have a driver’s license with them, and indicated they were a certain individual,” explained Police Chief Jamie Blunden. “That person was not the right person that they indicated they were. Further information led to our officer finding out who the real identity of the individual was, so he was arrested and charged accordingly.” 

The driver was charged with obstruction of a police officer, and driving while suspended. He will be appearing in court in early October on those charges.  

The automated license plate reader has become a valuable tool for policing in recent years. The reader scans the license plates of vehicles it passes and returns information regarding the registration of the vehicle. This includes the license status of the registered owner, if the vehicle has been reported as stolen, or even if the license plate is registered.  

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