Every week, the Weyburn Police Service details some of the calls they received over the previous seven days. Very often, there is a tidbit about someone driving with a suspended or disqualified license. 

“In a city like Weyburn, the officers get to know different people that we may deal with on more than just one occasion, and they get to know if the license is suspended or not,” explained Deputy Police Chief Brent VanDeSype. The keen observations from the officers can then result in a traffic stop, such as one that took place last Monday. 

“The officer recognized an individual that was known to have a suspended driver’s license,” VanDeSype continued. “They initiated the traffic stop and dealt with that person accordingly.” 

In this situation, that meant a ticket, as well as the vehicle being impounded for 30 days.  

Driving while disqualified and driving while prohibited can carry steep consequences. In Saskatchewan, the first offence may result in the vehicle being impounded. A second offence within two years beams a 60-day impoundment, with the owner of the vehicle, whether it is the driver or not, responsible for the towing and storage of the vehicle.  

There could also be tickets up to $5,000 and possibly jail time, depending on the conviction. As well, driving while suspended can mean having your licence suspended for up to another five years, depending on the driving record. As well, insurance coverage could be denied. 

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