Update: Travel not recommended has been lifted on all highways throughout the Opportunity City. However, they are all still showing icy and slippery sections following the freezing rain and blowing snow we saw this weekend. Conditions are similar in the City, with sidewalks and streets alike both quite icy. 

Original story:

As Weyburn experiences its first dose of winter conditions, travel on highways in the area is becoming more and more difficult. 

As of 9:00 Sunday morning, the Ministry of Highways is saying that travel is not recommended on all highways through and directly surrounding Weyburn. As well, highways in and out of Regina and close to Moose Jaw have been closed for most of the morning.

With more snow expected throughout the next few days and winds gusting between 60 and 90 kilometres an hour, it's unclear at this time when conditions may begin to improve. 

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