Despite an expected shortage of Christmas trees across the country this year, the Young Fellows Club of Weyburn might not be affected.  

Len Hutchings, who is chair of the tree lot this year says they should be fully stocked this year. 

“The tree shortage hasn't really affected the young fellows that much. We've got a long-standing relationship with our supplier and he reached out to us in July to confirm our orders because he was expecting a shortage. So we managed to confirm and hold our regular order. We got shorted a little bit on the larger trees but not significantly, so we'll be fully stocked this year.” 

Hutchings says the tree lot should be open this month. 

“We're expecting our delivery on either the 26th or 27th of November. It's always a little bit of a moving target when our delivery will show up, but as soon as the delivery shows will be open. So Friday, November 26th, 27th, somewhere in that range.” 

The shortage across the country is due to increased demand and unfavorable weather conditions over the past few years. 

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