Tuff Avenue is a team in Weyburn part of Weyburn's basketball community and if you ask them they are just a couple of guys. But they really are quite an impressive team with some great guys who all share a love and drive for the game of basketball along with the same cultural background Filipino. 

We spoke with four of the players from Tuff Avenue including Xyne #7, Patrick #22, Meg #20, and of course Karl #55.

 "We only started the Weyburn Basketball Instagram and Facebook page last year but before I came here to Weyburn there was a very huge basketball community specifically a Filipino basketball community here in Weyburn and the neighboring cities in Saskatchewan."

Before they used to all meet at the Weyburn Comprehensive School at the outdoor courts, they now gather almost every day at the Spark Center taking advantage of the running tracks and courts to practice their skills and hang out as a team. 

You can get involved and play as well,

"A lot of people have asked us about tryouts, we just run games if people are interested to run with us and play with us they become a part of the team essentially. We don't hold tryouts anymore all the players that want to play with us we give them a chance to play as long as they share the team's fighting spirit that's everything we need from the players."

They let each other know when they're practicing or playing ball at the Spark Center by posting to their Instagram stories and then others see it and come. 

They went to a tournament this past weekend in Regina at the Regina Christian School, they received a donation from Southeast Newcomer Services to cover their entry fees. They ended up winning which kind of seems to be a pattern for them. 

"That was our first game actually and we won by 30 points, we felt pretty good about that."

They will be playing again this weekend at the Regina Christian School in bracket B. There are eight teams in that bracket and it's a non-profit league they play every weekend.

"We try to carpool every time just to spend more time together with the guys and get amped up for the game."

They've already got a really impressive amount of trophies and we are very excited to see what else this team can accomplish and conquer next as a Filipino Basketball team. 

"We're hoping people will hear about and learn about Weyburn Hoops, we're hoping to see donations and sponsorships or partnerships."

You could totally donate to and sponsor or partner with Tuff Avenue through Southeast Newcomer Services just contact Laura Eddy. 

"We have a game this coming Saturday at Regina Christian school at 3:45 pm and on Sunday at Tuxedo courts, Tuff Avenue will be playing against Hampton at 4:45 pm."

Some fun facts about the team are that most of them can sing and some even rap and always have karaoke at their gatherings and think of each other as brothers. They also can't stress enough that they are NOT a gang there have been some rumors stating they're a gang and they are not they are a team. 

You can follow along with the team on Facebook at Weyburn Basketball and on Instagram WeyburnHoops.