While the last few days of January were rather chilly, for the most part, it felt pretty mild. There was some snow, even some rain, and a fog that seemed to linger forever. We can’t also forget what seemed to be an eternity without any sunshine. 

So, how did January stack up when compared to the average? 

Turns out, this past month was just that, average.  

The average daytime high this past January was -7.6°. The average over the past 12 years was -6.7°. As for overnight lows, this past month it was -16°, while the 12-year average was -18.1°. 

One thing that was very different this past month was the snow. As of Tuesday, the snow depth in Weyburn, as reported by Environment Canada, was 27 centimetres. In the past 12 years, there has only been one January when the snow depth was greater – 2013.  

As we recover from the extreme cold to finish off January and brace for at least one more blast of it in the days to come, we can look ahead to February.  

The shortest month of the year, it can often be one of the coldest as well. The 12-year average for the daytime high is -7.7°, and for the overnight low it’s -19.1°. Over the past 12 years, there have only been three years where the average temperatures in February were warmer than those in February.  

So, what does the forecast, at least for early February, show? 

Environment Canada is predicting temperatures to get up to around the freezing mark as of the weekend, with a daytime high of 0° on Saturday and next Tuesday. When looking at other sources for the forecast, The Weather Network is calling for daytime highs to peak at +1° on the weekend, and dipping down towards -6° by the middle of the month.  

It is hard to tell, though, if the worst part of winter is behind us. This is Saskatchewan, and a lot can change when it comes to the weather in just a short time.  

You can always get the latest forecasts by checking the Discover Weyburn Weather page.