The Weyburn Police Service had an average amount of calls last week, but was kept busy with the severity of the calls.  

A man is facing several charges including assault, forcible confinement, and uttering threats after an incident that was reported mid-week. Officers received the complaint after the man had left the scene, but they were able to locate him and take him into custody.  

Deputy Chief Brent VanDeSype says this was a domestic issue. 

“This was a relationship that was rather volatile, and the suspect was also on conditions of their release, so they were charged with failing to comply with that as well.” 

In a separate incident, officers responded to an urgent call of a domestic dispute involving physical violence and a knife. Officers were able to intervene and take the man into custody.  

“The knife that was reported to be involved was not a threat to the victim, it was actually a case where the suspect was threatening to use it on himself.” 

The man was charged with assault and received an additional charge of mischief after damaging a wall at the Weyburn Police Service facility. 

VanDeSype says the Weyburn Police Service routinely responds to domestic situations, but there aren’t usually weapons or serious injuries involved.  

“This week was a bit busier with domestic situations of a little bit more significant nature.” 

The police service responded to a total of 63 calls last week.