With the summer vacation approaching, the Weyburn Salvation Army is planning its annual summer lunch program for children in the community. For the past few years, the Salvation Army has partnered with organizations and groups within the community to provide lunch for children who may otherwise go without during the summer months.  

While the planning is well underway, they are still in need of sponsors to help make it possible this year. 

“We are still in need of a lot of sponsorship for the Summer Lunch Program,” explained Nicole Strickland. She is the community services coordinator for the Salvation Army in Weyburn. “We still have probably 20 days left to be sponsored.” 

With only 44 weekdays during the summer, that is a substantial number of days that are left without sponsorship.  

Strickland explained the sponsorship is $500 a day, and that will help to provide lunch for 100 children.  

“We give them a sandwich, a fruit, vegetable, juice box and a dessert,” Strickland said.  

In addition to the sponsorships, they are also looking for volunteers to help make the sandwiches in the morning.  

Those who are interested in volunteering or sponsoring the Summer Lunch Program are encouraged to contact Strickland by phone at (306) 842-2280.