The Weyburn branch of the Canadian National Institute for the Blind holds Peer Support Group meetings the third Monday of each month, and volunteer Korryn Kubashek said they cover a variety of topics.

"It's mainly for the visually impaired, but anybody can come in and not all of our topics are based on having a visual impairment. We've had like Comforts of Home Senior Care come in, we've had an Optometrist come in and speak with us, so the the topics we deal with very widely across the page," she explained. 

Kubashek said while there are lots of discussions related to living with a visual impairment, "it's fantastic, it's just support and it's just for them to be able to get out and be around other people that have the same concerns that they have."

She said while the group is free for anybody, they have 10 that are registered with the CNIB.

"But that does not mean you can't come because you're not registered with the CNIB. It's open and we're welcoming new members to come in." 

The upcoming meeting will feature The Canadian Mental Health Association on May 15th.

"Police Chief Jamie Blunden came and spoke to us last time, it was very interesting. Not everything was about visual impairment, so it was nice to have him come in and the clients asked some questions as well to him that he answered for us. And we also had Trevor Tessier, a candidate running for City Council, come in and just speak to us on why he's running and also ask them what they would like to see change in the city and stuff. So that was really nice. He's very caring and very nice to actually speak to each one of them and find out. If there were any concerns that they had within the city, and actually we had a question that night and he was going to work on it for us. So that was fantastic."

She said the concern raised to Tessier, who works for the SHA, about having options for the visually impaired when phoning in and being required to press different buttons in the menu choices. 

"He suggested having like some answering machines say 'please stay on the line and a representative will be with you shortly' would be a better option for somebody who's visually impaired than trying to press a button on a cell phone. It's something so simple that can be changed, and it's probably not that difficult to change, so it means a lot to them when something can be made easier for them."

Their meetings are held on the third Monday of every month at 7:00 p.m. at the Weyburn Credit Union Community Room. 

"If anybody needs a ride, please reach out to me at 306.861.2519 and I can add you to the reminder list and if you need a ride, I pick up clients and take them to and from the meeting, so don't hesitate to give me a call." 

No meetings are held in July and August.