Animals are truly a blessing, for most of us who have pets they are more than just a pet - they are family. We care for them; we learn about their individual likes and dislikes; their quirky behaviours bring us much joy and laughter. Although they may not be able to talk, they still communicate, they are our companions, and they remind us of what it means to love unconditionally.  

For Weyburn woman Trillian Reynoldson, her cat Pumpkin is proving to be especially bright. While most cats tend to follow their owners around and are a welcome additional shadow. Trillian’s cat Pumpkin was taking mental notes each time Trillian went to use the bathroom. I mean why not, what else does a cat have to do? 

“I recently discovered that he’s very talented he just started peeing in my toilet, I didn’t train him to do that he picked that up on his own,” said Trillian. 

While there is a way to train cats to do their bathroom business on the toilet, Pumpkin took it upon himself to mimic Trillian without any coaching. We spoke with Prairie Animal Health Weyburn, and they said that this is not common behavior for a cat. 

“He learned from mama, he follows me around, he likes to be with me and watched me and picked that up.” 

We spoke with Pumpkin and asked him why he decided to begin peeing in the toilet. 

“Meow, meeeeow, meow,” that’s cat for, “litter boxes are smelly!” 

“Meow, meow, meeeeeowwww,” that’s cat for, “I may walk on all fours but after all I am human, can’t you tell?” 

We asked Pumpkin if he had any final comments. 

“Meeeeowwww, meow,” that’s cat for, “gaaaawd you humans can be so annoying, I’m going for my nap.” 

While Pumpkin is napping and waiting for Trillian to return from work you can watch the kitty genius perform his potty tricks below.