A new acting group has formed in the community under the direction of Colleen Weimer. Actors United through the Grace United Church will be performing Rogers and Hammerstein’s musical, Oklahoma.  

Weimer shared they began rehearsing shortly after the New Year, the cast is large and includes a wide range of ages. 

“We have about 40 people in our cast and chorus and I'm very excited about that. Starting from about age 12, right up to lots of parents, grandparents, that kind of thing, it's a really, really fun group of people.” 

Weimer first directed Oklahoma 22 years ago, she shares what inspired her to bring it back to the stage. 

Actors United, Grace United Church, Musical Oklahoma, photo submitted by Colleen Weimer

“We have this group of teens that meet at our church, and this is sort of where it started. They wanted to do something; they are a very talented group. Kendra Gonczy and I work with these kids, it’s Kendra’s group. So we wanted to find something that had teens based and then add the community members. It’s a big show and it's very exciting. It's very fun.” 

All performances will be held at the Grace United Church and will run nightly from March 2 to March 5. March 2 includes a dinner before the show. 

All tickets are available at the Grace United Church, $20 for adults, $10 for students, and ages 5 and under are FREE. 

Dinner theatre tickets for March 2 are $50 however separate show tickets are available.