Rap/Hip Hop artist Philly 5 is coming to the Weyburn Youth Centre Friday, May 12. 

Philly 5 has been recognized for music excellence by the Gospel Music Association of Canada receiving three nominations for the Covenant Awards. In addition, his career has taken him to several prominent stages including the 2010 Winter Olympics as well as appearing several times on 100 Huntley Street and Canada AM. 

As a musician and writer who writes music for many genres, we asked Philly 5 what inspires him to write and perform rap/hip hop. 

“I like hip hop because it's very organic, you can actually say what you want to say without people getting angry with you. You can really express yourself, I like that it's very grounded, country is another genre that you can say what you really want to say but the delivery is different, hip hop is more my style, it speaks the best to me.” 

Artists often create through personal experience; and it is from this experience that inspiration is born, Philly 5 shares what drives his music.  

“My dad’s actually a pastor, I grew up in the church, I always wanted my music to be positive, I always wanted my music to be uplifting to people, I always want to speak hope and speak life, and truth. I think the gospel just came naturally because I’m a Christian, so I write about what I am, I never even said I was a gospel artist but whenever someone listens to my music, they say I’m a gospel artist.” 

Philly 5’s music is available on multiple streaming platforms including Google Play, Apple Music, and Spotify. 

Tickets for the concert are available at the Weyburn Youth Centre on Friday nights for $5.