Today is National Canadian Film Day, to celebrate Canadian cinema.

We were able to talk with local people involved in the film industry, who have ties to Weyburn.

"I think it's important for people who are in a specific area to see others do things that they wish to achieve," said Brendan Rogers, who is a performance capture animation supervisor in Vancouver. "Seeing somebody who is from where you are from kind of opens that door to you."

Toronto-based television and film actor Trenna Keating said that the industry has grown a lot since she started.

"I remember my mom used to cut out clippings of Canadians who were actors or people from Saskatchewan who had gone on in the industry to sort of encourage me that this is something that you can do in Canada because my, you know, 14-year-old brain thought that there was no way. I just had to move to Hollywood, and if I wanted to be an actor, I could never stay in Canada."

Bernadette Mullen, an actor in Weyburn said that there used to be a perception that if a film wasn't American it wasn't good.

"Now I really feel like we're proving that there's strong Canadian talent all across the board really."

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