The snow has melted away, and the Weyburn Golf Club finally opened up nine holes over the weekend. 

Most years the Weyburn Golf Club opens its course in mid-April, but the significant snowfall this year slowed the process down. 

“The front nine is open, the back nine is still a little wet, still closed now, but hopefully by the end of the week it’ll be dry enough,” said Travis Schmidt, the new General Manager and Head Professional of the Weyburn Golf Club. “It’s been a different spring, the snow just left.” 

Schmidt took over as the general manager at the beginning of March, after running the pro shop at Main Prize Regional Park for the past three years. He said that his first goal in this new position was to get the kitchen up and running.  

“We hired a kitchen manager who revamped the menu from last year, so now we've got a really good menu, so we're excited about that,” Said Schmidt. “We actually have some tournament options, we're allowed to have a buffet now so that's nice, we're able to have people in here and not like be limited for tournaments.” 

Schmidt said that they have many tournaments coming up this year, like “Laugh Ur Grass Off” on May 28, and “the Farmers Tournament” on July 15. He added Night Golf is coming up on July 2, where there will be a DJ performing.  

The club also has its Annual General Meeting coming up on Monday, May 9 at 6:30 p.m. at the Weyburn Golf Club. Anyone who is interested can call the Pro Shop at 306-842-5881, or email