If you're just itching to get out there to do some spring cleanup, the Weyburn Therapeutic Animal Park could use your help at the end of the month.

"April 30th and May 1st, we are going to do our big park cleanup, so we need as many volunteers as we can get," said vice president of the WTAP board of directors, Diana Tosczak.

She said they'll begin on the Saturday at 10:00 a.m. 

"If you can't come that weekend, we have tons of jobs that people can come and do on their own time, so if anybody is interested in doing things when they have time, contact us either on Facebook or you can get ahold of me directly at (306)-861-4364. 

Tosczak said most of the work is your standard yard work.

"Definitely if people have leaf blowers that could come in handy, and just kind of that general labour is all we really need," she shared. "We have a couple of trees to take down, so if there is anyone out there wanting to volunteer their time that is bonded for tree removal, we would definitely be interested in that [possibly beforehand]." 

"We have a couple of small hardware type jobs that need to get done, so if there's anybody experienced with that, we would appreciate that as well." 

She noted they are still looking for hay. 

"That is another major shout-out that we are going to need this year. And we can pay for hay, obviously, donations would be great but if anybody has any that they are able to sell that is perfectly acceptable as well, and I am the contact for that as well." 

The animals move into the park at the end of May, to be open for June 1st.