The extreme cold in the Weyburn area is expected to linger around for another day or two. 

“Tomorrow morning is likely to be the coldest morning we see this week,” explained Brian Proctor, a meteorologist with Environment Canada. “We’ll probably be well into the low minus 30s; -31°, -32° type of idea.” 

The bitterly cold weather has prompted extreme cold warnings to be issued for the entire province.  

The cold air is coming from a mass of cold air from the North Pole, across Nunavut and into the prairies. Temperatures in areas like Rankin Outlet are even colder than what we are seeing here in Weyburn.  

Things are expected to improve over the weekend, however, with temperatures starting to warm-up Saturday, and then things really begin to warm up. 

“We definitely see warmer conditions on Sunday as this ridge of high-pressure air from the Arctic that’s responsible for this cold air shifts to the east,” Proctor added.  

The respite from the colder-than-average weather is expected to not last for too long, however. Temperatures are expected to dip just a little below seasonal as March starts.  

You can visit the Discover Weyburn Weather page for more information.