Some warmer weather is coming to the southeast after the area's seen some winter cold.

A sudden burst of warmth will have the area feeling more like fall over the weekend.

However, some chilly precipitation will first settle over the southeast.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang details the incoming system.

"We do have a weather system moving through that's going to bring those conditions. First off, though we have to get through the next couple of days. There's a couple week systems moving through that might bring some wet snow, maybe even some patchy freezing rain or freezing drizzles, especially in the overnight periods tonight into Saturday morning."

"We do have another weather system moving in late Saturday into Sunday. This one will travel through central Saskatchewan and because it's traveling through central Saskatchewan, that puts southern Saskatchewan into the warm part of the weather system. So that's what's going to bring the much milder temperatures, probably a chance of rain coming along with that as well.

Lang says that people north of Highway 16 will see snow while those to the south will get rain.

Once the major warmth is over after the weekend, the area will still see some melt that'll lead to overnight freezing and slippery roads.

"Sunday into Monday it's going to be close to freezing and that's the air temperature. So often the pavement temperature can be a little bit colder, so we're going to have that problem with the freeze-thaw cycle with the wet during the day and then freezing overnight. So certainly some icy conditions for people just to keep in mind." 

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