After a weekend of sunshine and mild temperatures, things are really expected to heat up in southeast Saskatchewan this week.  

Terri Lang is a meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada. She explained that we will see temperatures that are well above normal. 

“We’re looking at some really nice temperatures by, well, even into Thursday and Friday,” Lang said. “Temperatures into at least the mid-twenties.” 

While the warm temperatures are around ten degrees above seasonal for this time of year, we won’t be getting close to setting any records.  

“The records around those times are in the low thirties, so we’re not quite there yet, unfortunately, or fortunately, as the case may be,” Lang added.  

The warming trend comes after temperatures for April were below seasonal for the whole province. Here in Weyburn, we saw an average daytime high of 5.4°.  

While we can expect things to stay above normal for the coming days, Environment and Climate Change Canada is watching a few weather systems that could bring precipitation to the region next week.