The warmer than normal weather this November means we haven’t seen much snow in Weyburn. Because of the lack of snow, city crews haven’t been out plowing the streets.  

Director of Engineering, Jennifer Wilkinson says the City has been spending less than they budgeted on snow removal but is still facing some other issues. 

“So, we've seen a little more ice. The streets tend to with the melting, and you know, we've gotten probably more rain than snow that we have seen where we've had to do a lot more sanding.” 

Wilkinson says using less of last year’s budget won’t cause issues for next year. 

“The amount that is budgeted each year for snow removal is based on a 5-year average, so that doesn't mean that next year we would slash the budget because we didn't have a lot of snow removal this year.” 

She adds that any money left over at the end of the year is returned to the reserves.