This past weekend the Weyburn Comprehensive Eagles football team defeated the Yorkton Gridders taking 5A South League Championship. The big win has them now advancing to the semifinals, taking on the Regina champions, the Balgonie Griffens this Saturday, November 5 at Leibel Field at the University of Regina. 

Head coach Jody Kerr shares how the coaching staff has been challenging the players throughout the season because Yorkton was the team to beat in order to advance to the semifinals. 

“We played at the beginning of the season, we went up to Yorkton and lost a tight one, it was our first game of the year, we made a few mistakes, and we definitely learned from them. We challenged our boys all season, that’s the game we need to learn from the most because that’s the team we’re going to play in the end and it did work out that way, so that was nice,” said Kerr. 

The challenges the coaches brought to the boys throughout the season resulted in a big payoff. 

“We just played an outstanding game on all facets, our offensive beating them on a lot of plays, we pushed back a lot more than we did on our previous meeting. We made some nice turnovers at good times to give ourselves some great field position and when we did get those turnovers, we took advantage by scoring big points, and that’s a big difference,” explained Kerr. “Coming out of the second half very aggressive and scoring the first touchdown of the second half also really sent us a great message as coaches from our players of their dedication and what they were willing to do to win that game.” 

Preparing for the game on Sunday, Kerr shared the team has watched the Regina championship final between Balgonie and Sheldon Williams, and on the practice field they are working to change and adjust their offense and defense to the guys in the best position possible on Saturday. 

“They got to be smart because we change a lot of things every week for the opponent, and this opponent (Balgonie) definitely plays a different type of defense than we're used to seeing,” shared Kerr. 

Balgonie is the team the WCS Eagles defeated last year for the provincial title. Kerr is expecting Balgonie to be well prepared and perhaps still a little angry from last year’s loss, giving their opponents a little extra motivation. 

The winner of the provincial semifinal will then advance to the championship final to be held in Saskatoon the following weekend.