A successful Fowl Supper was held last night at the Cugnet Centre.

The event, which is a volunteer-based fundraiser for the Weyburn Comprehensive School's SRC, hasn't been held since 2019.

"A huge thank you to all that came to support the WCS," said Teacher and one of the organizers, Leah Beam. "The night ran well and the entertainment was great!"

Beam said around 350 people came out in the cold to support the cause, enjoy some turkey dinner and take in the live entertainment.

"Thanks to our music crews that put in the extra time to perform for anyone enjoying the turkey dinner," she said. "We hope this continues to grow with every year that we can have this."

She explained that to make the Fowl Supper a success, every teacher in the school volunteers their time.

"We also have tons of student volunteers," she noted. "We also had some SCC members helping serve the turkey, filling empty pans, and helping with the cleanup. We had an enormous crew and we thank everyone for taking the time to help make this night a success."

Beam said the Fowl Supper is a fundraiser for extra-curricular and SRC programs. 

"It supports lots of fees for the sports teams as well as anything the SRC puts on if they get a guest speaker in or anything for our school that they do."

turkey dinner