When the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation resumed their work to rule campaign on Monday, it led to one big question for Grade 12 students not just in Weyburn, but across the province: what will happen with graduation ceremonies? The graduation ceremonies are a mix of school-planned activities, such as the traditional cap-and-gown ceremony, and parent/student-planned activities, such as the Grand March and gala.  

It was confirmed earlier this week the graduation ceremonies in Weyburn will take place as originally planned, with the ceremony at 10:30 in the morning on Saturday, followed by the parade through the streets of Weyburn, followed by the gala event in the late afternoon and evening. So, how are they accomplishing everything while still following the sanctions in place from the STF? 

The ceremony at 10:30 a.m., which will be held in Crescent Point Place, is being coordinated by parents who have stepped up to handle the planning. Traditionally, the graduates were announced by the vice-principals. This year, the graduates will be introduced to receive their diplomas by one of the school counsellors.  

Presenting the diplomas to the graduates, in the place of Principal Renee Cuthbert, will be the South East Cornerstone Public School Division Director of Education Keith Keating. Then, for speeches, such as the Principal’s Address and the Reply to the Teacher’s Tribute, pre-recorded videos will be used.  

The other aspects of the graduation day, such as the parade and the grand march and gala, were already coordinated by the parents, so no changes will be made to those.