Weyburn Comprehensive School has had a new face at the helm this school year, Principal Renee Cuthbert.

"We have a very vibrant school community, so things are busy here," she noted. "With all new things, there are a few challenges, but it's been a wonderful opportunity to support the work that our teachers do with our students, our parents, and the community in general."

She said they're working on getting through the year, "with lots of expectations of great things from our kids, as they move on to post-secondary, as well as the students that are here that are hopefully enjoying their year."

Previously in the role of Vice Principal, Cuthbert said her focus has changed now, along with her title. 
"As the principal, it's more of the rule of managing staff and facilities and working with kids as well, but the focus changes from the vice principal, where a great deal of the focus is on supporting students and making sure that things are working well in our building from that lens."

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