While we are experiencing some high temperatures in Weyburn this week, we can also expect rain and a risk of a thunderstorm today, and showers tomorrow. 

Meteorologist with Environment and Climate Chance Canada, Terri Lang said we have a frontal system moving through southeastern Saskatchewan. 

“We are expecting some showers, maybe the chance of a thundershower,” said Lang. “Nothing severe, if it’s too early in the year there’s not enough energy in the atmosphere quite yet and not enough moisture around either, but certainly that chance is there.”   

She added we aren’t expecting too much in the way of accumulation.  

“But then again, it's going to be sort of that nature of showers and Thunder showers, which are kind of a hit and miss.”   

Lang said this system will cooler air, but the weather will stay above seasonal for the weekend.  

Moving forward, Lang said it is still a bit early for tornados, and we could start seeing tornado warnings in late May.  

“June is at the time of year when we tend to see the most tornadoes in Saskatchewan followed by July.” 

Environment and Climate Change Canada was keeping an eye on a Colorado Low system next week, but Lang said it is a much weaker system than they initially thought.