The Southeast Cornerstone Public School Division is holding a by-election to determine who will fill the open seat for Weyburn representation.

Local pastor Cameron Weber has been in the Weyburn area since 1983. He and his wife Gail raised their family here, including parenting foster children, and they are now grandparents. 

He has no shortage of board experience, being a founding member 30 years ago and currently serving as board chair of Weyburn Youth Centre. He pastored a church for 10 years and was in ministry at Trossachs Gospel Camp for 23 years. He has also been on the Souris Moose Mountain riding board for 17 years and has been on the Community Low-Income board for 18 years. 
Weber said his biggest issue with the school division has been what he feels is a lack of transparency for the public.

"I'd just like to be part of the discussion and be able to see some more of the information behind their decisions put forward to the community," he said. 

"We've been with a couple of different groups over to the school board office for their board meetings and you kind of go in and do your little presentation, they give you a pat on the head, and send you home and that's about all that happens." 

Having remained key player on the Weyburn Ministerial Committee, Weber does bring the perspective of clergy to the mix, as well as that of the older generation. 

"When we were growing up we were taught the basics, reading, writing and arithmetic, so we could be equipped to think for ourselves, do the critical thinking and make wise choices and use common sense," he explained. "Where today, the kids aren't being encouraged as much to do that. They're being more encouraged to just obey the teachers. The teacher says this and that's kind of the way it is. Or this specialist says this and that's the way it is, without being able to think and to reason for themselves."

"So I would like to see the kids equipped to be able to do some critical thinking, so that, with all the news out there, fake news or real news or whatever, that they can of their own minds think it through and decide, 'well, this is right, and this is wrong'."

"I guess we all have biases, and that influences the way I think, but we should be able to sit down and have an open and honest discussion about these issues rather than just saying, 'well, this is the way it is' and don't give any rationale or reasons to the community for the decisions you're making." 

He said he would enjoy being able to be part of the discussions and pushing for more open openness and accountability on the board to the taxpayers.

"There are a lot of different things that we aren't hearing that we should be hearing in the public," he added. "You can sit back and complain about all the stuff that's going on, but why don't you get involved and do something about it rather than just sit and whine and complain."

Weber also drove a school bus for the SECPSD for 15 years.

Hear Weber explain his platform below.

The SECPSD by-election will be held on September 28th.