After a weekend of above-average temperatures, people will find that there'll be reprieve and continued heat through the start of August.

That's due to multiple weather fronts advancing through the area, raising temperatures up to the unseasonably hot mid-thirties, then lowering down to the unseasonably cold low twenties by the weekend.

The changing conditions could also be joined by winds picking up throughout the next few days.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Natalie Hasell details what we may see from those changes:

"It looks like we're going to see the passage of several low-pressure and high-pressure centers, and we'll see a direct link to that to the temperatures that we'll see."

The winds picking up are largely the cause of the changing conditions, thanks to it drawing air from different surrounding sources.

"With the passage of the low pressure and high-pressure systems, we see different wind circulation, and every time one of these systems passes - or the frontal structure associated with the low-pressure system - anytime that happens," said Hasell, "The wind shift will bring air from different source areas, leading to a change in conditions that you're going to see."

The changing fronts could also bring in storms, though only a couple have been identified so far.

"Southeastern Saskatchewan will be under thunderstorm risk this afternoon and this evening. A few areas might even see some severe thunderstorms, so we're ready to see what that does. Then we see a frontal structure late on Thursday, giving us a chance of showers on the forecast right now," said Hasell, "Probably some thunderstorms included in that when it happens."