Sci-fi, steampunk and Nikola Tesla. Three things that can be found in the upcoming series The Crowsworld Saga which features a Weyburn actress, Bernadette Mullen Green. Teaming up with Myriad Entertainment, the action-packed sci-fi film is being filmed right here in Saskatchewan. 

Bernadette will be taking on the role of Creedy, a hired hand to carry out tasks that others cannot. Bernadette says that Creedy had to work harder than anyone else to get to where she is and to get what she wants. She will be one of the antagonists to Dylan Sanders, the main character. A weather analyst who's path crossed with Nikola Tesla, a man who was presumed dead for over 100 years.

"Normally Sci-fi films aren't shot here because of the production costs," said Bernadette Mullen Green. "So we're really excited to be pulling this off."

The first screening for The Crowsworld Saga took place on Saturday in Saskatoon where the cast and some lucky patrons got to go see the fruits of their labour. The project began as a Kickstarter asking for only $5,500 but having received $6,793. 

"What's incredible is the community that's been created," said the creator of Crowsworld, Damien Bartlett. "Community is something I really crave, so having that feeling is the best thing in the world."

Barlett said that they kept all the actors and actresses local, only one coming from Edmonton. He adds that they were very excited to work with Bernadette and had been wanting to work with her for some time before the production of Crowsworld.

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