The Weyburn Agricultural Society is inviting youths in Grade 11 and 12 to consider joining their board as Junior Directors. 

Education Director Stacy Kosior said they have created two new positions on their board, which has 15 adult members. She said they meet on the second Wednesday of every month at 7:00 p.m.

Kosior said she's hoping to have the Junior Directors help take the lead with their Farm Safety Day, which takes place in June.

"We just felt that it's important to keep evolving, and we want to hear from our youth. Of course, they're the future, so we thought, let's get some of their ideas," she noted. "I know for myself, I remember getting asked to sit on a board as a teenager and and it's important to get their opinions heard and make them feel like they have a part in what we're doing."

She said Junior Directors would be asked to stay for at least the first hour of each meeting and to join one of the sub-committees suited to their interest.

"Whether it's helping plan the Fair, the Demo Derby, or Farm Safety Day, things like that," she said. 

"Sitting on boards like this helps introduce them to what goes on in a board room and how meetings are run. It's good for them to network and it looks great on a resume." 

Applications can be found HERE and the deadline to apply is April 1st. Having an agricultural background is an asset but not a requirement. Interest in the board and in agriculture, however, is important.

Find the Weyburn Ag Society's new website HERE. Their Facebook page can be found HERE.