Movie nights are making their return to the Weyburn Curling Rink tomorrow night, as the Weyburn Agricultural Society will be airing an animated children's movie, 'Sing 2' prior to the City of Weyburn's annual Fireworks Display at the exhibition grounds.

"The doors are opening at 7:15, and the movie is going to start around 7:45," said Entertainment Director with the Ag Society, Jeff Clay. "It's about a two-hour movie, and then we're trying to time it so that once the movie is done, there's a 15 to 20 minute break, and then the fireworks are getting shot off in the parking lot there too, so you can walk out the door and check out the fireworks when the movie is done."

He said there will be "popcorn galore", for those who wish to continue enjoying the abundant snack throughout the fireworks.

Clay said it's exciting to be able to host movies once again.

"We have shown movies in the past,  but we've done some big upgrades. We have a 20-foot projector screen set up in there now," he noted. "We got a Credit Union Grant a couple of years ago, and then COVID kind of put a damper on starting these movie nights, and this is just going to be the the kickoff to us using all of our new equipment."