Dr. Robert Kitchen, Member of Parliament for the Souris-Moose Mountain riding, is looking ahead to 2023.

Kitchen said that food and energy security are both very important going forward.

"Ultimately, I know we look for a year down the road, but ultimately we need to be looking five to ten years down the road." 

Kitchen said that looking down the road five to ten years is a bigger concern here in Souris-Moose Mountain because food and energy security is important and "...we need that energy source to be able to provide that for as the province continues to grow, and those are steps that I will continue to push forward on to try and encourage and get this Federal government to wake up and recognize that rural Canada is not to be forgotten."

He added that the food and energy that Saskatchewan provides for Canada needs to be recognized.

As well, he said that he knows his constituents will continue to do everything they can "to try and keep that part of the economy going and working hard along those lines and I encourage them to do that."

"There's no shame in getting out and doing a hard day's work, but getting rewarded for that hard day's work not only from a personal point-of-view, but also from a monetary point-of-view. Those are important steps that need to be recognized."

Kitchen concluded by wishing each and every one of his constituents "a very happy and prosperous New Year as we move forward."