The Gifted Winter Art Market is happening this year on November 12th, 2022 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 P.m. at the Cugnet Centre. 

For those who weren't thinking too far ahead at the summer art market in terms of Christmas presents, it's a great chance to find something unique and handmade for everyone on your list.

For the artists and artisans, or anyone who makes things with their hands, who have something to sell, the Weyburn Arts Council is currently accepting registration for vendors.

"Forms are out now and they are due September 30th, at which point we will adjudicate," shared Arts Coordinator and City Curator, Regan Lanning. "Our summer sale, we don't really adjudicate it. If you apply, you're kind of welcome to come as long as it's handmade. With the winter sale, we are more limited in terms of space because, in the summer we have the whole park. In the winter, we have the Cugnet Centre, which is great, but we could fill it several times over, probably, for the winter."

"So, we do a little bit of an adjudication just to make sure that everybody who wants to be a part of it 'fits' with kind of our vision for the sale, and that we don't have like seven people offering the same thing."

Find the application form HERE, or request it via email to Alternatively, you can send a message to WAC via Instagram or Facebook. 

Vendor spaces are $50, and the proceeds go back into the local art classes for better affordability and accessibility.