The Weyburn Arts Council spent Saturday and Sunday working on a three-year Strategic Plan.

Board President Tasha Hill said they had the help of Patrick Friesen from Homefield People and Strategy to keep their brainstorming focused on priorities to help ensure their goals are met over the next three years.

"We as the Arts Council met for two quite long days to develop a strategic plan for where the Arts Council's going to be going in the next three years because we've grown significantly as an organization and our involvement in the community is increasing," she explained. 

"We identified that we really need to streamline what our goals are so that we can meet all the requirements of the Arts Council and the community that we serve. So we were able to do just that and we're really excited over the next three years to roll out what we have defined as our goals for the community and Arts Council and some of that stuff will be happening sooner than later."

"Patrick from Homefield came in and helped us, and he was a fabulous facilitator working with creative types," she noted. "We can oftentimes get off track a little bit and he was able to reign us back in with the strategic planning. There's a procedure where you go through in different steps and with Arts Council it was like, okay, well, we've identified this need. Now we just want to fix it immediately, right now. And that's not quite how it works."

"You identify so many priorities in your day-to-day operations that things get muddled," Hill shared. "Everything becomes a priority, and when everything becomes a priority, then nothing's a priority. When doing the strategic planning, we were able to then pull out the things that are the absolute most important to succeed with the other priorities within the organization. So it's just kind of like a flow chart. Once we get the top priorities dealt with, that's going to flow down into the other priorities that we have and help us operate as a much more effective organization."

She added, "as a nonprofit organization, we're really trying to lean into the fact that we are a nonprofit organization, and the value that we bring to the community in doing that. Arts Council activities are funded by Arts Council, and primarily we are able to do that through granting and also through the support of the Weyburn and area." 


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