Thousands of runners took part in the Queen City Marathon over the weekend, including many Weyburn athletes.  

In the 42.2K Run: Lyndon Lumb placed 154th overall, 109th of his gender, and 11th in the M20-29 category.  

In the 21.1K Run: Heidi Bousfield came in 151st overall, 47th in her gender, and 9th in the F40-49 category, Terra Jacobson took 155th place, 48th in her gender, and 5th in the F50-59 category, and Shawn Nelson got 306th, 202nd in his gender, and 85h for the M30-39 category. Alex Roettger came in 539th, 232nd for her gender, and 39th in the F20-29 category, Katie Garven came in 621st, 284th for her gender, and 99thy in the F30-39 category, and David Thompson took 673rd, 356 in his gender, and 37th in the M60-69 category. 

In the 10K: Camden Husband ranked 11th, 8th in his gender, and first in the M19- category, and Jim Greig was in 63rd, 45th in his gender, and 7th in the M50-59 category. Laure Speers took 166th, was 67th in her gender, and 12th in the F40-49 category, and Ken King came in 186th place, 11th in his gender, and 9th in the M60-69 category. Manuel Ofalla came in 252nd overall, 132nd in his gender, and 28th in the M40-49 category, and Stephanie Lang took 438th place, 269th in her gender, and 53rd in the F40-49 category. 

While the big event was on Sunday, the Night Owl 5K took place on Friday, and there were mini-marathons on Saturday.  

Queen City Marathon 2022

Queen City Marathon 2022