Registration is underway for the Weyburn Canoe and Kayak Club's summer camps, which begins the week of July 10th to 14th.

The camps are for kids ages six to 12, and run from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday to Friday each week. 

"We are revamping our hours for the summer camp," said Laura Eddy, a member-at-large with the club. "We have drop off at 8:45, so that helps parents to get to work on time or just makes it easier, and pickup will be at 4:15. So that is something new that we're doing. "

The last week of camp is August 14th to 18th. 

"Another new thing that we are doing is if you sign up for multiple camps, you get a discount of $20 for the additional camps from the $150 that is per week."

Those who are interested in simply renting kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, or a peddle boat, have a bit more time to get in their water time.

"We are also adjusting our rental hours to accommodate those people that like to go out early in the morning when the lake is always calm, so we'll have morning hours and then we will also be extending our hours. It'll be open till 9:00 p.m., and the last time slot that you can take a canoe or kayak out will be 8:00 p.m. So that gives you some time when the water calms down, or the wind."

Eddy said they are also offering online bookings via the Ramp app.

"You can also pay with a debit card or visa, so that kind of makes it easier for those people that maybe don't plan and you're out at the lake, it's nice out, and you want to take out a paddleboard, kayak, or canoe, and you just you don't have cash," she noted. 

Membership is not required to rent a kayak, and anyone looking for details on any of the programs and hours for the non-profit club can find them on their new public Facebook page, HERE.  

"We switched it over to a page so that it can be a little more user friendly and that we can reach more people. We wanted to kind of switch gears that way so that we can really start promoting the kayak club and the camps, and we are getting some new signage for that so it will be easier to find." 

Kayak rentals, ultimately, Eddy shared, contribute to the group's long-term goals of offering competitive kayaking once again.
"That would allow kids to go to the Summer Games or there are also tournaments they can go to other lakes," she said. "Right at this moment, we're not there. So we're just really trying to generate some interest in the sport and hopefully, we'll be able to obtain our long-term goals."

She said they are working on training their camp leaders to help with consistency from year-to-year in order to meet their competitive goals. The camps, she added, are a great way to see how much passion a child has for the sport. 

Other things in the works include boat upgrades, dock improvements, and developing a kayak course that runs from River Park to Nickle Lake.