Today is Administrative Professionals Day, which is a day to the appreciate administrative staff who work hard to keep our workplaces running smoothly. 

Executive director with the Weyburn Chamber of Commerce, Larry Heggs told Discover Weyburn that administrative staff are absolutely indispensable, and are the unsung heroes of local business.   

“From front end staff to backroom staff, the administration staff are truly what keeps the machine moving forward,” said Heggs. “The entrepreneurs and the business people in the community employ these people and have great relationships with them, and these people are the true face of the business.” 

Heggs said he doesn't foresee businesses ever being able to function without their admin staff. 

“Without that support staff in general it would struggle. It's those people that are left to straighten out and just keep the administration running and meet and greet the customers.” 

He added administration demand is there, and is likely to increase.