The agenda for Weyburn City Council will be a busy one when they get together this evening for their first meeting of the month of April.  

They will receive a number of their regular reports to council, including one from the Weyburn Fire Department as well as one from the Water Treatment Plant. Then, the meeting will shift to looking over a number of submissions on Requests for Proposal for infrastructure work slated for the year. 

First will be a look at the RFP for asphalt repairs to three different areas at the Weyburn airport. The 2022 budget had $200,000 allocated for the work, with an application being submitted to the Community Airport Partnership program requesting funding of 50 percent of the cost.  

There will also be a discussion about the line painting for the City of Weyburn, both in the city as well as at the Weyburn airport. The budget for the line painting was set at $115,000, with the line painting scheduled for the airport being part of the runway repairs.  

The council will talk about the RFP for the installation of landfill groundwater monitoring wells. There are currently 19 wells that were installed around 12 years ago. In order to ensure the city has the ability to meet a requirement from the provincial Ministry of Environment to cover some data gaps, there was $75,000 budgeted for the expansion of the network.  

A safety review of the Albert Douglas Dam is also part of the RFP discussions slated for the meeting. The review of the dam should be done every five years, but the last review was actually done back in 2009. The requirements of the review that was put up for RFP include a review of the data pertaining to the dam and whether there were any gaps in the available information, a field review and inspection of the components of the dam and a final report that includes a priority dam safety deficiency list and recommendations for maintenance or repair. 

The Official Community Plan and Zoning bylaw will also be up for amendment. The amendment comes at the request of the provincial Ministry of Government Relations, noting that they required amendments of policies relating to the floodway and excavation and fill of the floodway. The ministry stated the policies are not consistent with the Statements of Provincial Interest and must be amended to comply with the ministry’s approval. 

We will have full coverage of the meeting tonight, on-air and online, starting tomorrow morning.