The 42nd Annual Weyburn Communithon is fast approaching, with the big day coming up this Friday. This means the various entertainers for the day are busy rehearsing for their performances, including the New Hope Dance Studio, a local group of Malayali traditional Indian dancers.

Subi Koshy said they have performed at the Communithon a few times in previous years, as it is part of their culture to share the dances with their community.

"We participated as part of the International Women's Association, so we did some programs in the library a few years back with the foods of different cultures, and then one time in Cugnet Centre, we had a fashion show from the International Women, so we wore an attire from different parts of India and then we did like a fashion show to show the attire," she shared. "One time in River Park as a part of Culture Days, we performed something on the stage. So throughout these 10 years we have been participating in different ways in the community". 

She said they rehearse once or twice a week, but various dances rooted in Hindu culture are taught in schools in India. 

"I'm not a Hindu. I'm a Christian, [but] because there are so many cultures there, we have grown up hearing those stories."

She said how she can show her son and two daughters how she belongs in the community is by sharing these dances. 

"We thought we should have a like an association, so when we have a festival, our kids will dance and we'll learn about that because I cannot just teach at home and be there unless he sees it in the community," explained Koshy, noting her daughters will also be performing at Communithon this year along with her friend's daughter. 

"We just taught it from YouTube," she said. "They're learning online because we don't have a school here, so they're doing online. They have a dance teacher from Toronto, and she was in Regina but she moved."

She said she is happy this group could be formed.

Their Communithon performance will be comprised of dances seen in Indian movies.

"They selected and combined, merged together, and then formed something to dance to together, so it will be like a fast beat."

She said her girls performed at the Indian Consulate in Toronto in August.

"They just try it and then we learn together, and that's how the group was formed."

The group also performed during Culture Days earlier this month (see a video below). 

Koshy thanked the community of Weyburn for allowing so many opportunities to share their culture with the community.

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