There’s a new furry friend at the Weyburn Fire Department, a one-year-old black lab named Jessi.  

Jessi, who is blind in one eye, is an ambassador for the department.  

“It's been absolutely fantastic, and she's been a great addition,” said Fire Chief Trent Lee. “It's not only for the fire station, but also Public Works which is under the same building as the fire department.” 

She was adopted from the Weyburn Humane Society about a week ago. 

“She's actually a greeter. She runs up to everybody that comes in and just wants her belly rubbed.” 

The department wanted to adopt from the Humane Society because they wanted a dog who needed a home. 

“It seems like the older animals get the harder they are to have adopted, and we wanted something that we really didn't need to put a lot of training time into and keep that close of an eye on because we all know puppies love to chew and they need to be house broken, and we wanted something that would come in and just want attention from everybody.” 

Lee added that he officially adopted her and is paying all of her expenses. 

To stay posted with everything happening in Jessi’s life, you can follow her on Instagram.