Every year, men across Canada use the month of November to grow moustaches, not for the sake of fashion or vanity, but for a good cause. Starting in 2003, Movember has become a fundraiser that has grown from just 30 participants to more than 6 million. The money raised goes towards research and awareness of three health issues that affect men – mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer.  

One of the men who has been taking part in Movember for more than a decade is Weyburn’s Charles Hignett. A member of the Weyburn Fire Department, he started in 2011, and this year will be his 13th year taking part in the fundraiser. He said he started taking part to help with the raising of awareness for men’s health, and his family has always supported him, to a degree. 

“I think everybody’s pretty happy when it comes off at the end of November,” Hignett chuckled. “But, yeah, they definitely get on board and we try to have some fun with it along the way, and raise an awareness as well as some funds for a good cause.” 

This year, Hignett, along with other members of the Weyburn Fire Department, are raising the money as a team - the Weyburn Fire Department MoBros. While they have long been participants, this year, the cause is hitting close to home. 

“Our fire chief, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, so he’s actually going in for surgery in the next couple weeks, so we wish him the best with the surgery,” Hignett added.  

Since he started fundraising for Movember in 2011, Hignett has raised over $45,000. This year, he has a goal of $2,500, and the team has a goal of $5,000, but he expects that to grow as the month goes on.  

As for his moustache this year, Hignett said he is trying for what he calls the Paul Blart, which is a moustache similar to the character played by Kevin James in the movie Paul Blart: Mall Cop.  

“Just trying to always have fun with some kind of a movie character or a television character that’s a bit of a comedian,” Hignett explained. “I’ve done like a Hulk Hogan, Cliff Clavin, even did Borat one year.” 

Those who are interested can make a donation to Hignett’s campaign here.